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By Appointment Only

A Mind's Eye View

Anxious Arms x3 (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

Adelita's Way (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)



Another Option


-Bullet For My Valentine

Bella Morte



-Coal Chamber

Caught In A Crowd (frostbite 2012 festival)

Candlelight Red (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

Colour Kills Canvas (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

-Disregard (frostbite 2012 festival)

Deuce (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

Don't Panic

-Ego Likeness

Energy (frostbite 2012 festival)

Endure (frostbite 2012 festival)


Fucking Invincible (frostbite 2012 festival)

For The Hundreds

Fighting The Influence

Fozzy (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

Foredoes Me Quite

-Godsmack (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

Great American Ghost (frostbite 2012 festival)


Half Hearted Hero x2 (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

Hollow Turtle

The Home Scene

The Hideout (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

-The Intel x3

In This Moment (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

I Am Ghost

-The Kulprits

-Lacuna Coil

Letter Day

Lannen Fall x2 (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)


Like Eating Glass

LT Rubcich


Man Overboard (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

Murder by Death

Modern Day Escape



-Our Lives In Motion x2

Out of the Blue

Or I Might Explode

Old Wounds (Frostbite 2012 Festival)

-P.O.D (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

-Red Light King (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

-Say Anything


Staind (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

She's A Robot x2 (Rockstar Energy Drink Battle of the Bands!)

Shinedown (Rockstar's 2012 Uproar Festival)

Such Gold (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

Synthetic Division

Stolen Babies

Starting Over Tuesday

Swept Away (frostbite 2012 festival)

Shadow of a Doubt

The Sidekick

-This Time Around x2 (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

Transit (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

Troy City's Finest

The Rookie Year (frostbite 2012 festival)

Throne Hunter

Too Late The Hero (Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)

-Unwritten Law

-Versus The World

-Young Guns

Your Last Step(Pop Punk: No Fights Fest 2)


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