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Something Old #1

This is an oldie but a goodie from roughly 2008-2009.

Sara, at the time was my model and newbie photo assistant.

On this particular day, she was also my hair and make up artist assistant.


I was photographing a promo for Jon's music and I later started referring to this shoot as "The Demon Within" project.

We had a few locations in mind here in Fall River, but as a typical spur of the moment gesture, we went on a last minute adventure.

There was this hidden alleyway near a park on the South end, so we decided to drive it and see where it lead.


Turns out it lead to a cherry location by the train tracks.

This location couldn't have been more perfect if we had planned it in advance.

It was such an organic session to the point the photo frame in the picture was something that was just there, stuck in one of the train tracks.

One man's trash is another photographer's photo prop treasure.

I have few regrets from this shoot; those regrets being: I didn't think to take the frame with us since security kicked us out and I have yet to find one that big that is priced within reason and also, not backing up my images multiple times so I had this session's RAW images still intact.

  (No worries, I know better now.)


This is a great example of the candid photography I enjoy doing.

This was originally more for behind the scenes, but as it turns out, this is still one of my favorite pictures.

There is always a technical aspect that couldl be better, especially when you're in the learning curve, but it captures so well the environment I work in and the type of experience my clients still receive and should expect.


At the time of this session, I believe I was using multiple cameras and lenses.

From what I can recall, I used a Canon Rebel XT with 24-70mm.

Something New #1

coming next week

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