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Rockstar’s UPROAR Festival: The Perfect Bang(over) for Your Buck.

Where to start the story of this adventure? To give you an idea of where I am, it has been 3 days since my local tour date and I am still in recovery-this is mostly considered an ode to how awesome my show was. I am not old enough to be considered a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Veteran,” but I’ve got high standards to what makes a good show and what is worth spending the money I never want to give up.

You’ll notice in my show reviews, I’ve used a 1 - 10 scale system. 1 being terribly unbearable and 10 being a live show equivalent to the never disappointing Papa Roach-no gimmicks, just a raw, entertaining, energetic live show. Concerning sound quality, the lowest score I determined on my tour date was a 7.5. The lowest “live show” score I stated was an 8 - a solid score for even the least personally appealing set.

However, on the other side of that spectrum, there were a few sets that were given a 10+ or even an 11 because all expectations were well exceeded, and well, they were just that entertaining.

Like any festival, UPROAR is an all day and night event, just reinforcing my statement “it’s worth spending those saved pennies.” All of the festivals Rockstar Energy Drinks are running have their own “theme” or genre, with that said, there is still a lot of diversity within each set. There is something for everyone.

One highlight I would like to point out about UPROAR in comparison to other music festivals I have attended, is unlike some, each stage wasn’t playing at the same time. Leaving attendees to pick and chose what sets they’ll be able to see. Sometimes having to choose what band you can see is similar to a parent picking their favorite child-not always an easy thing to do! Fortunately, each stage went up right after the last act finished, leaving no time wasted in-between sets.

If you did not want to lose your spot at the front of the barricade of one stage, it isn’t that big of a deal, because the Ernie Ball and Jägermeister stage is neighboring to each other, leaving you able to enjoy the sound and some view of the other bands. Even more beneficial, the main-stage acts do not go on until later in the evening. For those of you who can’t get the day off of work, there is still hope! You could show up late (not that I advise this, but if you had to) you will still catch the headliners. Just another point to add to the “pro” column of your debate to spend some money this summer, and the future summers to come!

The first act I caught was Mindset Evolution, a “hard hitting five piece active rock band from Peoria, IL,“ playing on the Ernie Ball stage. “Rock and Roll must definitely not be dead.” I felt their sound quality this particular day was worthy of an 8.5 and general stage energy was an 8. The crowd could have been a bit more enthusiast, fluctuating between a 7 and a 9. I would definitely like to see Mindset again, in an area where they have a solid following.

Next on the chopping block was Candle Light Red, a 5 piece from Pennsylvania. “Your nasty habits will bury you someday.” Candle Lights sound quality varied a bit from each song, but averaged a 9 anyway. They were certainly an energetic set landing a 9.5 and a 10++ in crowd involvement. “Dragging me down, you can’t fight me.”

Lastly, the headliner: Shinedown. I wouldn’t say I was a Shinedown fan before this event, for the simple reason I only knew a few songs. I liked what I knew, but didn’t go out of my way to hear more- shame on me. I have learned my lesson.

Shinedown’s set earned a 10+ across the board. It had everything a huge show back in the 80’s would have (Pyrotechs and a beastly light show) and all the energy and crowd involvement that smaller bands these days need to have, to put on a great show. I had attended the show with a frequent show goer like myself, and a life long friend; the intro to “I’ll follow you,” really caught my ears. “There’s 1 person in your life you’ll go through everything with. They’ll never judge, ...always, just always love you... Just as you are.” Their set came to a close after taking a stroll through the venue and taking a seat by the sound board to play once last ballet before closing with “Fly From the Inside.”

In closing, go. That’s really all that is left to say. I’ll be going next year, you should be planning on it too.

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