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I’m shaking, contemplating --
forgetting every lie you have said.
Dishonest -- egotistical, maniac.
Thoughts of you make me sick all over;
the thought of sleeping next to you.

Waking up from your nightmare.
The one you’ve so strategically placed me in.
You always win.
I’m so sick of chasing you.
I’m reaching for a bottle.
Shaking now.
My heart’s racing now.
I hate you.
I love you.

Im confused, abused and you’re just a liar.
A magician of sorts.
How could you force me to feel this way again?
Just walk away.
They always walk away.

You left me falling, I’m calling!
More like screaming your name.
It’s always the same.
Always leave me hanging.
Crushed me into pieces.

I’m screaming your name.
How could you do this to me?
Soulless tomb you’ve trapped me in.
Soulless men who always win.
I hate you

You always win.
You’ve proved your point, now let me in.
You always win.


*Also written to be transformed into a song.*

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