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I met someone new, only to find out no-one can replace you.

I learned the true meaning of love.

It’s the way they can talk you to sleep at night.

It’s the faces you get when they cook for you.

It’s the way you notice the good points before you think about their bad.

It’s the way you can look at them forever and know you’ll never be sad.

It’s the way you know it was meant to be.

All the fighting it must be destiny.


It’s the way you can’t hate them forever.

It’s the facts of love and I wish I could go on without them.

The way you care for them and they’ll never have the slightest clue.

The way you love them and want to let go, but the only thing you hear in your head and heart is “NO!”


It is the way you hate her, knowing she’ll never be good enough.

You can’t look forward until you get again what you’ve lost in the past.

Remember that is love and not anything else can last.

Love; there’s no cure for this nuisance.

Just keep moving on and continue to endure.

It is the pain of seeing him with her; leaving him for a new, only still wishing it was him hurting, and not you.


You knew it was love when you wanted to die.

You knew it was love when the only thing you could do was cry.

You knew it was love when you started to scream at night.

You knew it was love when the thought of him was the only thing keeping you up at night.

You knew it was love when you no longer could eat.

You knew it was love when you could no longer sleep.

You know it is love when you want to be with them.

Despite them making you cry and catch the feeling that you might just die, starting from the inside.

Ripped to shreds internally, like I said, this is a devastating disease.


Love is a foolish thing and I hope no-one will make the mistakes I’d made.

You knew it was love at first sight.

Now do what’s best for the of both of you.

Turn around now, before it’s too late.

Save yourselves now from a horrible fate.

In the end this is what I’ve learned -- only fools fall in the love, and I’m the biggest idiot.



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