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Kids in Ethiopia Eat More Than This. (Living in the projects)

Got no money for food, ain't got no money for rent.
Hey! Hey!
Here's to living in the projects.
Welfare can't give me what I need.
Can't seem to provide myself for what I get.
Living off Ramen sounds like yummy fun
until you realize salt and pepper isn't
a topping you always want.

Can't afford my monsters diapers.
She eats through the walls.
Can't be contained, leaving baby penguins
in a rage. Wah! Wah!
Stuck up in the projects.

Rather be in the suburbs with the skinny babies,
rocking mad wealthy ladies.
Mhmmm, I've got the project blues. Yep, yep.

Need a helicopter of food to land my house.
Just like in Ethiopia. thought they got some
good figures, maybe I need a diet.
So I won't be so hungry up in the projects.

By Nikky [Photography]




*Sidenote...(written to be converted into song, while homeless, couch surfing...)

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