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Just Me


Alone in a crowd,
silent as can be.
Noisy back rounds,
misery no-one cares to see.

It's so quiet, no-one can hear
the silent tears as she lies away
in bed.
No-one listens,
not even her.
She's all alone, yet everyone
is around her.

Abandoned by the closest few;
lost everything and no-one knows
what's going on.

They think she's okay.
Nothing wrong but inside
everything is.
She hates herself;
what she's become and
no-one knows how to care.

They left her once, even twice
and still she waits alone inside.

Loves everything, hates only the
one she can call "me."
No-one listens.
She screams above
the silence and no-one
hears her broken silence.
She's all alone.
No-one cares and she
only blames herself.


by: Nikky [Photography]


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