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Just Jump


Everyday, the days feel longer.

The urge I fight gets stronger, 
and I am ready to crumble.

Ready to throw in the towel; but then 
all I can see is your face,

and I’m 
suddenly reminded how,

I got here 
in the first place.

I still feel like this is “too legit to quit.”

And still waiting for a sign. 

Waiting on my Ace of Pentacles.

I need to see this proof.

I must be crazy, 
this alone should be

enough proof - 
but it’s not.

I call your bluff.

Your poker face is solid, but I’m smarter.

I see you running away, are you afraid?

Too scared to leap, so you’ll take

in front of your feet.

Are you satisfied?

I’m not so sure, not anymore.

Behind your eyes, I feel you dying.

Slowly but surely.

You’ll crumble.

I’ll meet you where our ashes spread.

Together as one, one pot of dust.

This was so much more than lust, is this love?

“Love for fire,” we were burnt.

As one, we will return.

As one you’ll see.

Take a leap and return what was

once left at your feet.

 Just. Jump.

 By: Nikky [Photography]


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