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I'm a dreamer, and you're a soulless tomb.

Can you feel me harden from your finger tips?
Turn into a statue instantly.
Just like you.
Just like you.

I want to feel your lips crush me.
I want to feel your heart race.
Just a taste!
Just a taste!

Living with a statue burden, luring me in.
You must be Madosa, you must be a curse!
I want to taste your rage.
I must feel your embrace.

Crush me like a statue.
I'll turn to dust.
I'll always cave, always cave.
You've got me beat, just me a taste!

I'll show you what you've been missing with all the others you've been kissing.
Just a taste!
Just a taste!
I'm dying to feel your emotionless embrace.
I'll chase.
I'll chase you just for a small taste.

Sleeping with a statue, leave me with
the most of rage.
Trapped inside, just let me hide.
Let me out.

I'll let you crush me just for a taste.
Just a small taste.
I'm hopless!
Lustfull and over dramatic.
Your love, just have to have it.
You're caught up in your own disaster.
Caged, raged and confused.

Just let it out, I'll show you
what life's all about.
I'll fix this for you.
For the price of a taste,
just an itty bitty taste.

Dream all day, sleep all night.
I'm lost in your eyes-tonight.
Every night for that matter.
You're all that matters.

I want the taste.
Give me now, 
I don't care how!
Crush me tonight, feel my heart race,
all for just one taste.
Just one.

By Nikky [Photography]


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