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The Cabin in the Woods

Director:Drew Goddard
Writers: Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard

Story line:

A group of young adults visits what they believe to be a family member’s cabin. This cabin is located where modern technology means nothings and they are quite isolated from the rest of the world. During their first night at the cabin, they venture off into the basement, where they discover what looks like a hoarder’s living space. It’s filled with all sorts of weird trinkets and collectible items. One of the characters finds an interesting looking diary and reads from it out loud. Despite some of her friends getting crept out by the contents of this diary, she continues to read out loud, consequently waking the zombie family from the diary. While watching the movie, you may be a little confused because as it turns out, the group of teenagers aren’t as alone as they think.

Thoughts on the film:

The Cabin in the Woods has a great thriller plot to it. I was quite fond of the movie for the simple fact it has originality to it and was not your average day “cookie cutter” slasher movie filled with an over abundance of gore. I found the movie particularly interesting because it seems to satire the fundamentals of how horror movies are created. It was full of hidden twists and the ending left me wanting more of the story. A great way to go out with a bang!

Nikky [P] '12

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