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Such Gold - Stand Tall
Stand Tall is 5 track EP from Such Gold; a five piece pop-punk band from Rochester, New York.
After watching Such Gold perform, I had to immediately purchase their EP Stand Tall.
The band's live show performance was amazing. It was full of energy, bringing local music lovers into a frenzy.
Their set list provoked rowdy, crowd-chanting sing a-longs; the perfect setting for a punk rock fan's ideal show environment.
"Stand Tall" captures Such Gold's live show to a perfection.
The EP incorporates the band's lashing energy, inspirational lyrics, catchy riffs and bass lines, and trance sending beats.

The opening track off "Stand Tall" sets the bar high with it's forceful tone.
From the beginning of "Four Superbowls, No Rings," to the last second of the final track, "Stand Tall," this CD is full of entertaining raw pop-punk.
The composition is a perfect mix for a new comer to the pop-punk rock scene.  
Such Gold in now on tour. See links for tickets.

Track List:
Four Superbowls, No Rings.
You Always know what's Best  
What's Left of You
The Greatest Comeback of All Time -
Stand Tall -
Favorite track off "Stand Tall" - "What's Left of You."
Live Show - 5/5 Stars

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