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Perfect Static - Sparfvenation

Perfect Static is a ska and punk influenced trio from Providence, RI.
The band's live performance shows a lot of potential and was enjoyable to watch. There was a sense of determination from the band to still put on a great show, despite the very noticeable technical issues with the equipment. They showed a lot of enthusiasm and determination while performing; a keystone for putting on great shows in the future.
I look forward to seeing them again after they've built more of a fan base, and grow as musicians.

Perfect Static's album Sparfvenation has strong and apparent influences of early Blink-182. (The Cheshire Cat/ Buddah era of Blink's career.)
With that said, the CD recording is raw, but still very enjoyable. I find myself smiling while listening to Sparfvenation because the band's personality in this recording is very entertaining.

Track List:

Not A Chance
Juliette and Jimmy
Moving On
Find A Way
Bonus Track



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