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The Dirty Heads: Any Port in a Storm (Special Edition)

The album "Any Port in a Storm" is the first album from the Dirty Heads. Any Port in a Storm features strong influences of ska, reggae and California hip-hop. The over all album has a stoner-Cali-love feel. (It’s a good thing even if you’re not a stoner, I promise.) Dynamic track list leaves something for everyone, while individual tracks hold true to the originality of each sound.

The album "Any Port in a Storm" opens with “Neighborhood”. The point comes across immediately that “the Dirty Heads" enjoy being home by the beach, in their “neighborhood” where things are familiar. Regardless of where you are from, we can all relate to that in some small or significant way. “I love coming home, ‘cause it’s always so wonderful. ‘Cause when you’re in your neighborhood, you’re always more comfortable.” I dare anyone to listen to this track and not want to walk with a “I’m-comfortable-in-my-neighborhood-strut.” Okay, maybe it’s just me. Nevertheless, I can’t help but enjoy myself and it’s likely you won’t be able to resist either.

“Stand Tall” is definitely one of my favorite “Dirty Head” tracks. The track has deep, inspiring lyrics that will leave you feeling better about your day. “Stand tall it gets a little better; I see the wall, we can break it down together. Stand tall, it gets a little better now.” The message of “not giving up” is bold with lyrics like “We will rise up against them all, so stand tall....” Stand Tall has noticeably more reggae/ska influence in comparison with the rest of the album; it works harmoniously with the lyrics.

The track “Shine” sounds just as you might have suspected. The track gives more of a laid back rock feel to it, with more hopeful lyrics that suggest “it’s gonna be okay my friend, just relax.” “If you’ve come to be yourself -- original, let it shine. If you’re fans of love, than you’re all friends of mine.”

There’s a consistent mentality with the lyrical and musical composition and it carries through the rest of the album. As it progresses, you are subject to the other apparent influence on this album; the hip-hop. The laid-back melodies continue, as well as the positive, reinforcing lyrics, with bursts of witty hip-hop. “Hip-Hop Misfits” is a good example of what skills these guys are packing.

“Lay Me Down” was the first single off “Any Port in a Storm” featuring Rome from Sublime.The first single represents the album well because you get a taste of some of the hip-hop featured on the album, as well as all the catchy rhythms and melodies.

By the time the album "Any Port in a Storm" comes to a close, the varying vocals remain consistent and solid. The album has great character, which is why I am certifying that the overall album is worthy of 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend you to buy this album and see them on their upcoming tour with co-headliner Matisyahu. Get your tickets HERE.

You may end up listening to it on repeat -- for days.

If you enjoy the hip-hop more, check out the following tracks first:
Morning Light
Check The Level
Hip Hop
Sails to the Wind
Full Track List of Special Edition
Stand Tall
Morning Light
Easy Knows That I
Check the Level
Hip-Hop Misfits
Everything I’m Looking For
Stand Tall (acoustic)
Viva La Vida (acoustic)
Sails to the Wind
Lonely One
Lay Me Down
Rains It Pours
I Got No Time

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