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By Appointment Only




Please note, I charge an additonal $75.00 for any sessions that includes nudity.

I generally have an assistant with me, during all sessions unless you are a repeat customer.


Do's and Don'ts

Do tell me if there is a certain look you're going for.

Do tell me if you are any concerned or worried about any posing or wardrobe choices.

Don't force yourself into a session if you are not ready for it.

Don't bring along anyone who will make you feel self conscience.


Please be aware there will be a photo release form.

Proof of age is required. (18+)

Bringing someone with you is allowed for your comfort but it is not always recommeded.

Having a friend or spouse with you can and usually does distract you and makes the process feel longer. By the end of the session you will feel comfortable in your skin, with or without a friend with you.


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